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Syringeless Injector
Dramatically increase the capabilities of your Gas Chromatograph, by simply inserting the Syringeless Injector into your injection port. Syringeless injection eliminates the restrictions of Syringe injection. Analyze solids and viscous liquids without solvents or complicated sample preparation. The Syringeless injection technique can be used in a number of unique applications to solve difficult analytical problems. See Applications
The innovative design of the Syringeless Injector allows the sample to be positioned within the injection port, ~2cm above the inlet of the capillary column. This location provides uniform sample heating and reduces the path that volatiles have to travel to a minimum. Preheated carrier gas continuously sweeps any volatiles released from the sample into the capillary column for collection and separation.
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Syringeless Advantages
1. Analysis of solids and liquids within your injection port
2. No transfer lines
3. Volatiles pathlength of 2cm or less
4. Preheating of Carrier Gas
5. Uniform heating of samples, no hot or cold zones
6. Operate from ambient to 400C
7. High temperature operation without septum bleed
8. Disposable glass sample vials
9. No valves or seals between sample and column
10. Innovative compact design
11. Solid 316 stainless construction
12. Simple installation / operation
13. Highly sensitive reliable results
14. Inexpensive to own and operate


Drop in replacement for your Gas Chromatographs Injection Port Liner

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