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What is Syringeless Injection?

Syringeless Injector Installation

Syringeless Operation

Syringeless Sample Preparation

Syringeless Injection
Carrier gas is preheated as is flows between the Syringeless Injector double walled injection port liner. Preheated carrier gas enters at the bottom of the injection port supplying the capillary column and the split vent flow. The sample vial falls into the injection port, by switching the Gas Chromatographs flow controller valve from split to splitless mode.
Once inside the injection port the sample vial surrounds the inlet of the capillary column. In order for the carrier gas to enter the capillary column it must now flow under the edge of the sample vial. Carrier gas velocity is increased at this location helping to prevent expanding volatiles from escaping. The sample vial restricts the expansion of volatile gases towards the direction of the column. As the carrier gas flows into the sample vial it opposes the expansion of sample gases directing them into the capillary column.
Preheated carrier gas in combination with the sample vial is continuously containing, directing and sweeping volatiles into the capillary column during the entire Syringeless Injection process. The transfer of volatiles into the capillary column stops the instant the split vent is turn on expelling the sample vial up and out of the injection port.

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