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What is Syringeless Injection?

Syringeless Injector Installation

Syringeless Operation
The Syringeless Injector has only two operating positions, LOAD and RUN. The LOAD position allows you to place a sample into the Syringeless injector. The RUN position allows a sample to be moved into or out of the injection port. The Syringeless Injector moves the sample vial by switching between a high and low flow rate of carrier gas within the injection port. This is accomplished with the Gas Chromatographs Split / Splitless valve controller. In the Split mode the sample is expelled from the injection port and held in a stream of carrier gas within the sample loading area. In the Splitless mode the sample falls into the injection port, because the high flow rate of carrier gas supporting the sample is redirected outside of the Syringeless Injector.

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Syringeless Sample Preparation

Syringeless Injection

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