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What is Syringeless Injection?

Syringeless Injector Installation

Syringeless Operation

Syringeless Sample Preparation
The sample vial is a fundamental part of the Syringeless Injection technique. It allows you to place any material directly into the injection port of the Gas Chromatograph without first dissolving it in a solvent. The amount of sample to be used is determined by the quantity of volatiles released from the sample at a specific temperature.
The sample vial and quartz wool are cleaned just prior to use by flaming. This is done to vaporize any airborne contamination that has deposited on the vial and quartz wool during storage. Once the sample has been placed into the sample vial quartz wool is inserted to prevent the sample from falling out when inverted. The use of quartz wool is not always necessary and is dependent on the size and nature of the material to be analyzed. The sample vial is then inserted into the Syringeless Injector for analysis. Syringeless injection offers a number of different sampling techniques, which are presented in more detail in the applications section.

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Syringeless Injection

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