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What is Syringeless Injection?
Syringeless injection is a powerful new injection technique for Gas Chromatography that replaces the standard injection port liner. Samples no longer need to be diluted with a solvent prior to analysis. You can now analyze a broad range of materials directly within the injection port.
Samples to be analyzed are placed into a sample vial then loaded into the Syringeless Injector. The Syringeless Injector moves the sample vial into and out of the injection port by controlling the split vent carrier gas flow. Efficient transfer of volatiles directly into the capillary column is accomplished by inverting the sample vial over the inlet of the capillary column. The Syringeless Injector requires no septa or transfer line, allowing the injection port to operate at maximum temperature without any interference from septa bleed. Unlike syringe injections the Syringeless Injectors ability to expel any unvaporized sample prevents the build up of contaminants within the injection port.
The Syringeless Injector installs by simply replacing the injection port liner. No permanent modifications to the injection port are necessary.

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Syringeless Injector Installation

Syringeless Operation

Syringeless Sample Preparation

Syringeless Injection


The Syringeless Injector operates by switching the carrier gas flow within the injection port between Split / Splitless mode of operation. Splitless mode has a low flow rate of carrier gas within the Injection port which is insufficient to support the sample vial allowing it to fall into the injection port for sample collection. Split mode has a high flow rate of carrier gas which can expels the sample vial up and out of the injection port.

Splitless Operation Low flow rate / Equal to Column flow rate. Used to sweep volatiles into the capillary column.

Split Operation High flow rate / Equal to Total Injection Port flow rate. Used to expel and or keep the sample vial out of the injection port.

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