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Syringeless Direct Dynamic Thermal Desorption
Syringeless Injector gives you the capability to perform thermal desorption of solid or liquid samples directly within the injection port of a gas chromatograph. The Syringeless Injector transfers the sample, contained within a glass sample vial, into the injection port. Carrier gas continuously sweeps volatile compounds from the sample into a capillary column for collection and separation. Positioning the sample in close proximity to the capillary column results in highly efficient and reproducible thermal desorption. After sufficient sample has been transferred the sample is expelled up and out of the injection port, where it can be removed or reinjected.

Syringeless Dynamic Collection with Solid Absorbents

Syringeless Static Collection with Solid Absorbents

Syringeless Solvent Free Injection

Syringeless Microscopic Particulate Injection

Syringeless Quartz Micro Fiber Collection

Syringeless High Temperature Gas Chromatography Injection


1991 to 2000

2001 to Present