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Syringeless Direct Dynamic Thermal Desorption

Syringeless Dynamic Collection with Solid Absorbents

Syringeless Static Collection with Solid Absorbents

Syringeless Solvent Free Injection

Syringeless Microscopic Particulate Injection

Syringeless Quartz Micro Fiber Collection

Syringeless High Temperature Gas Chromatography Injection
The Silicone septum is isolated from hot injection port, eliminating background noise from bleed and decomposition products
Syringeless injection helps to keep the injection port clean by expelling any unvolatilized sample from the injection port. A new clean sample vial, which acts as an injection port liner, is used for each injection. During syringe injection any unvolatilized material remains within the injection port liner. Subsequent injections pass through the contamination generated from previous samples until the liner is removed and cleaned.
Samples with limited volatility can be placed into the injection port for extended periods of time, maximizing sample transfer into the capillary column


1991 to 2000

2001 to Present