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Syringeless Direct Dynamic Thermal Desorption

Syringeless Dynamic Collection with Solid Absorbents

Syringeless Static Collection with Solid Absorbents

Syringeless Solvent Free Injection

Syringeless Microscopic Particulate Injection
Syringeless injection of microscopic particles can greatly reduce the time and quantity of sample needed to identify an unknown material. A single microscopic particle can be placed into a sample vial and vaporized within the injection port. Syringeless injection eliminates the guesswork and uncertainty of selecting an appropriate solvent for an unknown substance. Syringeless injection may be the only answer in some instances where only a single microscopic particle is present.

Syringeless Quartz Micro Fiber Collection

Syringeless High Temperature Gas Chromatography Injection


1991 to 2000

2001 to Present