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Syringeless Direct Dynamic Thermal Desorption

Syringeless Dynamic Collection with Solid Absorbents

Syringeless Static Collection with Solid Absorbents
In the static collection mode a solid absorbent without a dynamic flow of gas is used to collect volatile organics dispersed within a sample gas. As the solid absorbent traps organics from the surrounding gas the concentration of organics near the solid absorbent decreases. The gas within the sample vial attempts to maintain an equilibrium concentration my moving organics in areas of higher concentration, into areas of lower concentration, near the solid absorbent. The sample vial is removed once the solid absorbent has collected sufficient sample. Syringeless Injection is then used to transfers the collected material into the capillary column for collection and separation.

Syringeless Solvent Free Injection

Syringeless Microscopic Particulate Injection

Syringeless Quartz Micro Fiber Collection

Syringeless High Temperature Gas Chromatography Injection


1991 to 2000

2001 to Present