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Syringeless Direct Dynamic Thermal Desorption

Syringeless Dynamic Collection with Solid Absorbents

Syringeless Static Collection with Solid Absorbents

Syringeless Solvent Free Injection
Solvent free injection is a unique way to improve the detection of semi-volatile organics diluted within a solvent. Standard syringe injection, limits injection volume to 1 or 2 microliters. With Syringeless Injection you can concentrate by evaporation up to 100 microliters of a volatile solvent within a sample vial. This can be repeated numerous times for additional sensitivity. Semi and nonvolatile organics remain within the sample vial, which is then thermally volatilized within the injection port by Syringeless Injection.

Syringeless Microscopic Particulate Injection

Syringeless Quartz Micro Fiber Collection

Syringeless High Temperature Gas Chromatography Injection


1991 to 2000

2001 to Present